Rose Hill can truly be called "Makeup Artist to the Stars". For over thirty years she has wielded her creative prowess as a professional makeup artist and stylist in a variety of venues: Professional Makeup for film, television, color and black & white photography, Special Effects makeup, Wardrobe, Food Styling, Corporate projects, Models, Magazine fashion and advertisment photo sessions and an occational Bride.

Rose Hill has been featured on many television shows including Evening Magazine. The electronic game characters she has developed have appeared on the covers of Mac User, PC Accelerator, Circuitry and Computer Gaming World magazines. She was also the subject of feature articles in those publications.

Some recent career highlights...

Lucas Films

Rose has worked for Lucas Films at Skywalker Ranch. While there, she did makeup on George Lucas himself, whom she describes as fun, yet quiet and professional.

Warner Brothers Films

...presented Rose with an all star cast: John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, Alan Alda, and Ed Levine (Silence of the Lambs). Despite the sometimes grueling schedule, Rose found the assignment very enjoyable because everyone she worked with was so nice.

Robin Williams

Rose worked with Robin on his interview with BBC. "He is definitely a kind, witty, and very intelligent man," Rose says.

The President and Vice President

"Both Al Gore and President Clinton are very friendly and extremely charismatic," Rose reflects.

Sports Figures

Rose recently worked with ESPN in Pebble Beach featuring Tiger Woods for the U.S. Golf Open. Not long ago, she worked with Baseball's Samy Sosa on a Ralston Purina Ad and with Don Schula when he was admitted into the Sports Hall of Fame.

People Magazine

Featuring Psychic Sylvia Browne, Rose claims, "Sylvia is truly blessed with a gift." Other magazines have included Forbes and Vogue on Rose's list of accomplishments.

News Anchors

Rose has also worked for several television news anchors and personalities in the greater Bay Area and nationally. Two of her most memorable experiences were with Bryant Gumble and Geraldo Rivera. She says those subjects are even more particular than celebrities. But the great part is that everyone is friendly and nice to the makeup artist.

Academy of Cosmetic Arts

Rose created a comprehensive, hands-on school, located in Los Gatos, California which includes the first-ever internship program for aspiring makeup artists in Northern California. the academy's well trained interns act as assistants on projects with Rose and are for hire individually, as well.